sigve knutson's 'assembly' at carwan gallery gathers whimsical objects

2021-12-30 23:56:49 By : Ms. Laura Zhang

norwegian experimental designer sigve knutson sets on display ‘assembly’ collection, a selection of peculiar handcrafted works from the past five years. after presenting his acclaimed project named ‘drawn to production’ in collaboration with carwan gallery at milan design week in 2017, now the designer comes to the gallery for a solo show. 

the exhibition features a series of eccentric objects formed by manual techniques and a wide range of materials. the designer immerses into the notion of his hands —the most crucial tool in his objects collection—, tackling the mass-produced design that characterizes our era. the identity of his work is defined by intuition, while the objects are not coming with clear instructions of use.sigve knutson, assembly at carwan gallery athens all images © giorgos sfakianakis

through whimsical experimentation and spontaneous actions, he explores the freehand potential in an attempt to make his objects in the same way as he would create a drawing. guided by experimentation and intuitive use of tools, the designer creates archetypal forms without labeling them with specific functions. abstract chubby masses coexist with playfully stacked objects, cast metal seats, and geometric sculptures.

pure joy and the melody of improvisation create objects that are cast and hammered in aluminum or shaped from a fusion of wood dust and glue (serving as clay). following an innovative and honest process, he leaves the pieces with visible markings from the used tools in combination with minimal use of varnish or other coatings. this way, the viewer can explore and experience the materiality of each object more directly using their senses.

designer: sigve knutson 

location: polidefkous 39, piraeus at carwan gallery athens

dates: november 4th, 2021 – january 8th, 2022 

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