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2022-09-04 05:46:23 By : Mr. oscar jia

TEHRAN – The value of export from Markazi province, in the center of Iran, rose nine percent in the first four months of the current Iranian calendar year (March 21-July 22), as compared to the same period of time in the past year, a provincial official announced.

Esmaeil Hosseini, the director-general of the province’s customs department, said that over 490,000 tons of commodities worth more than $404 million were exported from the province in the four-month period, indicating also three percent rise in weight.

The products were exported to 70 countries, among them Turkey, Iraq, Afghanistan, Pakistan and Russia were the major export destinations, the official said.

He named aluminum ingots, types of hydrocarbons, light and heavy polyethylene, tiles and ceramics, and petrochemical products as the major exported goods during the said time.

He also announced that 46,009 tons of products worth $170.203 million were imported to the province in the first four months of the present year, showing nine percent and eight percent growth in value and weight, respectively.

The products were imported from 35 countries, among them the Unites Araba Emirates (UAE), Turkey, China, Hong Kong and Qatar were the main sources of imports, he stated.

The official named aluminum ingots, gas generator, raw sunflower seeds, juice packets, empty gelatin capsules, raw peanuts, silicon metal, all kinds of edible essential oils, edible gelatin, steel sheet, juice cans and printing ink as the main imported products.

As previously announced by Ali Jodaki, the acting head of the province’s Industry, Mining and Trade Department, the value of export from Markazi province rose 39 percent in the past Iranian calendar year 1400 (ended on March 20), from its preceding year.

He said that over 917,000 tons of non-oil commodities worth $1.109 billion were exported from the province in the previous year.

He named petrochemical products, aluminum ingots, juices, chemicals, all kinds of glass, casting products, polyester fibers, rebar, flowers and plants, heavy and light polyethylene, and polypropylene as the main products exported from the province in the previous year, and Iraq, Afghanistan, Turkey, Pakistan, and the United Arab Emirates (UAE) as the major export destinations.

The official further announced that 129,000 tons of products worth $446 million were imported into the province in the past year.

He named alumina powder, carbon anode, aluminum coil, peanuts, juice raw materials, aluminum ingots, steel pipes and rebars, juice bags, and cotton as the major imported items, and China, Turkey, the UAE, India and Germany as the main sources of imports.

More than 2,800 production units are active in Markazi province, of which 250 units are also active in the field of export.

According to the data released by the Islamic Republic of Iran Customs Administration (IRICA), the value of Iran’s non-oil exports reached $17.24 billion in the first four months of the current Iranian calendar year, up 22 percent compared to the last year’s same period.

Based on the mentioned data, Iran exported 35.656 million tons of non-oil commodities in the mentioned four months, IRIB reported.

Meanwhile, some 11.159 million tons of goods valued at $17.24 billion were imported into the country in the said period, indicating a 17-percent rise in terms of value compared to the last year’s same time span.

In total, the Islamic Republic traded about 46.815 million tons of non-oil goods worth $34.48 billion with its trade partners in the first four months of the current Iranian calendar year, up 19 percent in terms of value, the IRICA data showed.

Iran's top export destination during this period was China with $5.617 billion worth of imports from the Islamic Republic, followed by Iraq with $2.398 billion, the United Arab Emirates (UAE) with over $2.264 billion, Turkey with $2.06 billion, and India with $567 million.

Liquid propane, methanol, liquefied natural gas, urea, liquid butane, polyethylene, bitumen, light petroleum oils, iron and steel ingots, and light oil products were among the top exported items in the said four months.

Meanwhile, the country’s top five sources of imports during these four months were the UAE with $4.875 billion, China with $4.422 billion, Turkey with $1.787 billion, India with $859 million, and Russia with $599 million worth of imports.

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