The Brabus 900 Superblack Is A 900-HP Stealthy Mercedes-AMG G-Wagon

2022-05-28 12:08:54 By : Ms. Avril Li

Black is the new Black? Bottrop pumps out something more recognizable after surprise models in recent times.

After recent additions to the line-up, from the tuned Rolls-Royce Series II 700 to now venturing to Porsche models, famed tuner, Brabus have gone back to what they do best – tuning cars from Mercedes-Benz. Specifically, the Geländewagen. The Brabus 900 Superblack is the third model of a monochrome devised series of signature models and succeeds the monstrous 800 XLP Superblack.

Brabus are global powerhouses - quite literally - in terms of tuning and modifying cars, and have remained at the peak for 45 years, thanks to an extravaganza of toned up styling upgrades. Having recently ventured out their comfort zones overhauling other manufacturers, the Bottrop based company have requited to their roots, with no less, the 900 Superblack.

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Born in 1977, Brabus has epitomized the black-on-black car and have gone back to basics with their 'Black is the new Black' motto. And it's hard to disagree with the 900. The 900 Superblack is based on the current iteration of the Mercedes-AMG G63 (the W463) which was uncovered in 2018 and is one of an assortment of Brabus packaged G-Wagens. The already powerful, highly equipped and capable off roader has undergone the Superblack treatment and under the hood is subject to a 300+ hp increase and 148 lb-ft increase; inducing a total of 900 horsepower (suggested by the model name) and a whopping 775 lb-ft of torque which is limited from 922 lb-ft. Also limited, for good reason, is the top speed of 174 miles per hour.

This is on account of the Brabus 900 Rocket V8 engine and an improved exhaust. The Brabus engineered engine has previously inhabited other models such as the :Rocket editions of Mercedes-AMG's GT63s and GLE63s, It is the most powerful engine from the Brabus lineup. The eight-cylinder engine boasts a bored displacement of 4.5-liters and two new turbochargers. All of these combine to 0-62mph sprint in just 3.7 seconds; an immense 0.8 second decrease on the stock AMG G63, which is darn quick for a 2.5 ton+ vehicle; even by crazy Brabus standards. Just as well, Brabus offer you a three-year/62,000-mile warranty.

That's the technical stuff done. Now onto the elephant in the room. The visual features on the 900 Superblack are really what set it apart from competing modified G-Wagens and Brabus have really gone to town with styling in both exterior and interior features and its name hints what we could expect. The 900 Superblack houses a plethora of black features; which on a Brabus, of course means carbon fiber overload. When was that ever a bad thing?

Wearing the Brabus Widestar kit, this model is ten centimeters wider than base and gives the G-Wagen an aggressive and potent look from every angle, flaunting its maxed out proportions. This is evident from the ultra flared fenders and air inlets housed behind the rear and front wheel arch extensions, which are finished in a glossy carbon. The 900 Superblack rides on giant 24-inch forged Monoblock Z 'Platinum Edition' ten spoke alloys - 10x24 front and 12x24 at the rear. Brabus say 'state-of-the-art manufacturing processes and an exclusive "Signature Black" finish ensure an unmistakable look and maximum strength' and that 'the lightweight design ensures improved stability as well as optimal handling'.

Brabus have also fitted ride control aluminum coil over suspension, which can adjust the ride height by 45 millimeters, thus lowering the center of gravity drastically for better corner handling. The black theme continues with the paint as the 900 Superblack is coated in an exclusive Brabus Signature finish of Obsidian Black Metallic that highlights the Widestar look. Brabus have also gone one step further with the exhaust. Not only are there integrated flaps and valves for active sound management, the exhaust is smothered in carbon, including the tailpipe trim and outer surround- and if that wasn't enough, Brabus have fitted the Rocket Launch Ambience Light, within the exhaust, which they claim 'provides the right acoustics'.

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The interior, as Brabus claim, is 'monochrome luxury'. Interior designers at Brabus have developed a bespoke Superblack interior, which is as stunning as the exterior; as you guessed, in black too. In the same way carbon fiber glittered the bodywork, hand sewn embroidery takes center stage inside (as well as carbon, of course). Upholstery of the cabin is finished to the highest of standards and features a wholly unique leather design. Brabus have named the quilting as 'Seashell Diamond' referring to a resplendent continuous semicircle pattern. These perforations can be seen in the seat centers, foot wells, and inner door. Other significant trim elements are the embossed '77' signets, which pay homage to the year of Brabus' birth - 1977.

We've already mentioned masses of carbon fiber, but it also appears on the door sill trim, steering wheel, center console, shift paddles and door inserts. That's enough carbon. Alcantara (in black) also features heavily in the 900 Superblack, wrapping around the A, B, C and D columns, as does leather; which envelopes the whole dashboard, inner rear door, cargo compartment and vehicle floor. Bet that smells good.

Other noticeable goodies include a roof add-on part with LED lights and carbon panels replacing all metal trim on the exterior. Looks like Brabus meant weren't messing when they said; elegance meets stealth. Onto the serious question then, the price. Well, just under $550,000. Ouch!

Adam Lorgat writes from England. Porsche enthusiast covering the purist side of the thing. Nice.